long sleeve wedding dress backless

Elegant Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Sleeved wedding dresses are now the hot design of wedding dress. Wedding dress is one of the main parts of a wedding. The existence of wedding dress will make anyone who wears the dress looks more beautiful and elegant. There are plenty designs of wedding dresses. One of them is Read more

backless wedding ball gowns

The Elegant of Backless Wedding Gowns

Backless wedding gowns are become popular since the twentieth century. The backless design of the gown is different with the previous era design which covers all the body both the front and the back side. This becomes popular because of the design that shows the sexy looks for the women Read more

zebra print beach dress

Unique Zebra Print Dresses

Zebra print dresses can be chosen for you who want to be looked different in a party or every special occasion. This dress is unique since there is an animal print on its surface. Animal print is popular due to its uniqueness and beauty. The animal print is believed as Read more

walt disney inspired wedding dresses

Fairy Tales Disney Inspired Wedding Dresses

Disney inspired wedding dresses is a concept of wedding that inspired by Disney princesses. The Princesses who always look beautiful and graceful inspire women to look like them on the wedding day. There are many wedding dresses designer that have been creating dresses in Disney princess concept. They strive to Read more

bridal veil style guide

Beauty in Classic with Wedding Veil Styles

Wedding veil styles – to be classic in the wedding can be obtained from some wedding element, such as wedding dress, wedding decoration or wedding ring. One of the most classic styles that become obsolete is wedding veil. In this modern day, the bride sometimes does not need the veil Read more

peacock inspired bridesmaid dresses

Wonderful Peacock Bridesmaid Dresses

Peacock bridesmaid dresses are usually made in combination between blue and green colors like the peacock colors. It is very good to be applied in the bridesmaid dresses because the blue and green combination is beautiful. As the peacock parts, the peacock feathers are commonly added as the accessories of Read more