how to make your own bridal shower invitations

DIY Design: Make Your Own Bridal Shower Invitations

Make your own bridal shower invitations can be the best way in order to make a wedding preparation on budget. Moreover, this way also gives you a freedom in making your own creativity of wedding invitation. This concept of making your own wedding invitation is called DIY design concept or “Do It Yourself”. In this case, you can make your own design or even download the layout of wedding invitation in any blogs. Even you download the layout, at least you will design the font and color style and print the invitation yourself.

Design Ideas of Make Your Own Bridal Shower Invitations

Wedding invitation is the vision of your wedding, so that it must be representing the concept of your wedding ceremony theme. There are some design ideas of DIY concept of bridal shower invitations. The first you can choose is that chic shower design. In making this design, you can set the paper with your pre wedding photo shoot and make it in monochromic black and white color. Make it in rectangular shape 6.18 inch x 4.56 inch of flat card. On the bottom side you can give any color striped, such as blue, pink, orange or other pastel color to make it chic look. The strop colored has function to write the date of your wedding. The second idea is bridal belle concept. This is cute one with black and pink color combination. In the front side, there is a bride with black ball wedding gown. The date of wedding is written on the black dress.

How to Make Own Wedding Invitation

To make your perfect own wedding invitation, there are some steps you have to follow. First, you have to choose the concept first. It will estimate how many paper you will need. Second, choose best quality paper for invitation. Third, design the color and font style. Fourth, Buy best ink and best printer.

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