8th grade semi formal dance dresses

Suitable Models for 8th Grade Formal Dresses

There are a lot of designs of 8th grade formal dresses that you can choose based on your needs and characters. You can wear it for graduation or prom night. It be better to use unsexy dress because graduation ceremony is attended by many parents and teaching staff. Since it is formal, you should wear a dress with neutral colors like white, peach or black and white blend colors. These colors are proven effectively to exude your charming aura. Choose short A-line or cocktail dresses so that you look younger and trendy.

How to Match the Accessories in 8th Grade Formal Dresses

You do not need to wear too many accessories because for teenagers, looks simple and minimalist is the most appropriate fashion. If you wear a short slip dress, you can just wear a long necklace as the only complementary accessories. And if you choose a short ruffle dress in peach color, you do not need to wear a necklace but simple matching earbands. Meanwhile, if you want to look more feminine, wear lace strap dress with softly colored floral motif. Make-up is only an optional. This means that make-up is not a mandatory thing to wear. However, if you want to keep weaband it as a complement, wear minimal make-up that emphasizes the shape of the eye such as black eyes shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

Wear the Dress as Comfortable as Possible

For shoes, you should not wear high heels because it will seem less suitable for girl at your age. Wear flat shoes that make you comfortable and can move freely while dancing or walking. Choose the model and color that matched with the color of the dress. If you want to be different, you can wear high brown gladiator sandals combined with a mini ruffle dress. Besides beautiful, you will look very fashionable and stylish.

Gallery of Suitable Models for 8th Grade Formal Dresses