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The Great Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Inexpensive wedding favors are the right choice for those who have a limited budget. Providing inexpensive favors for the guests is not embarrassing as long as the favors are designed with beautiful and attractive appearance. You need to think beforehand what the main material that will be used as favors. After that, think about the decorations and appropriate ornaments for your favors. You can ask for help from friends or relatives who have creative ideas to design the models of favors. Or if you do not want to be bothered, you can book the cheap favor in the nearest souvenir shop.

What Kinds of Inexpensive Wedding Favors?

There are several types of stuffs that you can make as cute and attractive favors. First, you can choose a pair of sunglasses if you want to give the simple and stylish favors. Complete these glasses with a piece of paper with your name and your partner. Create posts in unique and quirky fonts. Second, you can use the bottle opener as your favor. To make it look unique, make a bottle opener in dolls design or classic key. Add also a piece of paper that contained your thanks or a poem on it. Third, a piece of cupcake or a chocolate bar that decorated uniquely and make whoever interested to eat. Although not to be kept as a display, if it tasted good, everyone will be satisfied and curious to taste it again.

Use the Simple Ornaments

Ribbons must be existed as decorating ornament of favors. You can use any kind of ribbon ranging from the lace or straw ribbon. If you want a modern look, you should choose lace ribbon to decorate favors in box or bottle shaped. Meanwhile, if you want something classic, choose a straw ribbon of fiber plants to decorate text in your cards. Create ornaments as simple as possible to make your favors look pleasant.

Gallery of The Great Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Favors