make a bridal shower guest book

Unique Bridal Shower Guest Book Ideas

Bridal shower guest book is necessary in the bridal shower celebration. It has function to make a list who and how many guests come to the wedding celebration. Since in this modern time, guest book is no longer monotone, it is made in unique way in order to make a great memory of bridal shower theme. if you want to know about it, keep reading and scrolling down.

Unusual Bridal Shower Guest Book

If you always know a guess book is just written on the piece of book or wide paper on the wall, those idea already ordinary way. In the special bridal shower, you also have to be creative and unusual in making the guest book. There are lots of alternatives and ideas to make a guest book, not only about the paper and piece of book. The first idea is that champagne bottle guest book. No one can think about this idea, but this works properly. You can paint the bottle with black peacock and let the guests sign and write their name on the bottle with gold or white marker. The second idea is flower vas guest book. As well as the bottle, vas also can be the brilliant guest book. Put the bottle and vas on the table and ask the guest to write and sign over there. The other idea you can also use plate, glass, frame or others thing.

Classic Bridal Shower Guest Book

There are lots of ways to make a guest book for bridal shower. After knowing the unusual idea of guest book, now you can create the classic guest book. In this case, classic guest book is made of piece of paper or piece of book in kind of romantic or classic style. It has function to arrange the name in neat order. You can personalize the guest book cover with your name and your couple initial name or your wedding photo.

Gallery of Unique Bridal Shower Guest Book Ideas