bridal shower card box

Vintage Memory Album of Bridal Shower Card

Bridal shower card is more than an invitation card. It has something special inside. As based on the term, shower card already keep the wish of the wedding couple about the wedding dream time to time. This is extremely special because there will be lots of words gift which are given by family as well. However, you have to remember that something you write in the shower wedding card must be meaningful and heartfelt.

What to Write in Bridal Shower Card

Wedding shower card can be written by groom’s friend or bride’s friend. Everyone can write everything they want even complex or short words. It is based on how close they are with the bride or the groom. The best words that must be written is that the representation about the relationship between you and the groom or bride. There is no wrong or right in wedding shower card writing, everything about something you feel for the wedding couple. There are some tips you can write in shower card for the bride or groom. Make sure that the words are personal, so that it can be something touching. Write the memories of yours and the wedding couples that are hold together up and make the bride or groom feels special with the wording.

Design of Shower Card Photo Memory

There are lots of design you can choose to make your own shower card to be given to the bride or groom. Since it will look like a photo memory album and contain of touching words, you may make it special for the bride and groom. You can be creative by DIY design aka doing it yourself design. To make a vintage look, you can arrange some pieces of paper and tie them up with lace or ribbon. Do not forget to make a stamp on the front part, such wedding couple initial name.

Gallery of Vintage Memory Album of Bridal Shower Card