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Wedding Celebration with Bridal Shower Games Questions

Bridal shower games questions can be the best way to festive the wedding celebration. The game in bridal shower is actually given for the bride in order to support the bride by giving some best wishes. The game also has function to build togetherness between the bride, family and friends. Moreover, the game also will make the atmosphere to be more attractive and kill he boredom. So the wedding celebration is not only about eating cake only.

Bridal Shower Games Questions with Trivia Game

This kind of game is the most popular game in shower bridal game. This is easy and fun game to play by the bride, the groom and the guests. To play this game, you have to prepare some questions that have a connection with the future life of bride and the groom. Then, the guests have to ask the bride. This game also has a concept of how do you know the bride, in this case the guests or the opposite team must be answer the question about the bride. Make sure the questions are fun and exciting. The person who has mush point is the winner of Trivia game. The question can be personal, such as what is bride’s music favorite, what is the bride’s dream car or everything you want. Even the future questions, such as how many children bride want? Where does the bride want to live? or anything else.

Truth and Dare Shower Bridal Game

The other fun game that will liven up the wedding celebration is that “truth and dare” game. This is one of other popular game besides of Trivia game. The basic rule of this game is that asks the question and asks the dare to challenge the person. As well as the first game, the truth contains about the list of questions that must be answered honestly. Then, the dare is asking something that must be done by the person as challenging thing.

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