diy vintage bridal shower invitations

Wedding Preparation: Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Vintage bridal shower invitations, this is a mind of cute and feminine wedding invitation you can choose as wedding invitation theme for you. As the one of wedding preparation, wedding invitation has very crucial aspect. It must be prepared long time before the day. In this article, we will give you some tips and shower wedding invitation designs.

Vintage bridal shower invitations Design and Style

Shower bridal wedding invitation is a kind of vintage design that will show the elegance and femininity as well. The design is dominated with light and pastel color. Moreover, it is also design with any feminine elements, such as flower, cooking appliances, ribbon, food or anything about woman stuff. The first sample you can take a look is that the porch shower bridal invitation. This is design in simple way with soft brown base paper color and decorated with red and pink flowers on the top side. The second vintage shower wedding invitation is painted flower. It is designed in bright yellow and there is a white flower in the center top side. Both of invitation designs are completed with envelope with linier label design on the outer part.

Wedding Invitation Preparation

To get your perfect bridal invitation, there are some tips you have to be done. The wedding invitation is the vision of your wedding theme, so you have to make it match. First, you have to prepare the invitation card at least 2 to 3 months before the day. Second, you have to choose best wedding invitation vendor to get best result. Next, after selecting the shower bridal theme, you have to choose the font style and color. Do not forget the guest name. You have to be correct in spelling the name. Then, you have to send the invitation wedding card to the guest at least a week before the wedding ceremony.

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