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Each XTREME SPORTS ID features the medical alert symbol, 800#, and a personal 8-digit ID#. Once purchased and received, simply register your vital information on our website. In the event of an emergency, first responders, who are trained to check for medical alert bracelets, can call the phone number, punch in your 8-digit ID#, and hear a readout of all the submitted info.

  • Who am I?
  • Address?
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Insurance Provider
  • Primary Physician
  • Medical Alerts / Allergies / Medications

In addition the "WHERE AM I" feature allows you to record your plans and sends an email to three personal contacts each time it is updated. (e.g. 6/22/13, Surfing at Honolua Bay, be back at 3:00 PM)

Purchase price of $19.95 includes your wristband and 1 year of service. Only $9.95 to renew annually. Now also available in a kids size, for parents seeking a little extra peace of mind. Remember-NEVER GO OUT ALONE!